Implementation of open-heart surgery in Dong Nai General Hospital: A preliminary result

Le Trung Duc Tai, Nguyen Cong Tien, Nguyen Anh Dũng, Nguyen Thai An, Vo Tuan Anh


Tóm tắt

Introduction: Implementation of open-heart surgery in local hospitals might be necessary to help economize the treatment, improve the quality of the local medical staff and unload central hospitals. Since 2018, Dong Nai General Hospital, such a program with the assistance from Cho Ray Hospital. After 4 years, a research was conducted to assess the efficacy of this program

Methods: We retrospectively evaluated the efficacy of the cardiac surgery program in Dong Nai general hospital. Demographic characteristics, the preoperative cardiac lesions, comorbidities, early postoperative results, mid-term outcome were collected and analyzed.

Results: From May 2018 to May 2022, a total of 62 patients underwent cardiac surgery at Dong Nai General Hospital. 33.9% were male, mean age was 45.6 ± 15.5. 47 cases were operated in the first phase and 15 underwent surgery in the second phase. The overall short-term mortality was 1.6% (1 patient), early complications rate was 9.7%. These complications did not lead to prolonged sequelae.

Conclusion: Implementing cardiac surgery program in Dong Nai General Hospital under the assistance of Cho Ray hospital was proved safe and efficient in terms of short-term result. The success of this program should encourage other regional hospitals to start a new field and ameliorate the capacity of local healthcare system.