Ngày xuất bản: 28/07/2022

Bài báo

Radiofrequency catheter ablation of newly diagnosed paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in a patient with mitral and aortic mechanical valves: A case study
Vu Van Ba, Ngo Thi Hai Linh, Trung Hoang Kien, Khanh Xuan Nghiem, Duc Do Thinh, Manh Nguyen Hung, Thuy Nguyen Tran, Tien Le Dung
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Trang: 5-11
Persistent Sciatic Artery: A Case Report
Giang Nguyen Truong, Trung Nguyen Ngoc, Hanh Le Ba , Kien Nguyen The, Thu Pham Vu Ha, Hung Tran Duc, Thang Vu Duc
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Trang: 12-15
Delivering premature HIS complexe maneuver in differentiating between paroxysmal supraventicular tachycardias
Thinh Do Duc, Thuy Nguyen Tran, Dong Tran Van
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Trang: 16-22
Implementation of open-heart surgery in Dong Nai General Hospital: A preliminary result
Tai Le Trung Duc, Tien Nguyen Cong , Dũng Nguyen Anh, An Nguyen Thai, Anh Vo Tuan
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Trang: 23-30
Surgical therapy for early stage non small cell lung cancer: VATS versus Thoracotomy
Que Do Kim, Anh Nguyen Trung
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Trang: 31-37
Rastelli procedure in transposition of the great arteries associated with ventricular septal defect and pulmonary stenosis: A report of 3 consecutive cases in Cho Ray hospital
Van Le Thanh Khanh, Dat Le Quoc , Vi Hoang Ngoc, Phung Doan Van , Thang Bui Quoc
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Trang: 38-43
Coronary artery endarterectomy during coronary artery bypass grafting - A solution for complete revascularization
Huu Nguyen Cong, Hung Doan Quoc, Linh Ngo Thi Hai, Uoc Nguyen Huu, Thanh Le Ngoc
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Trang: 44-49
Result of surgical treatment for pulmonary metastasis from hepatocellularcarcinoma
Binh Nguyen Hoang
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Trang: 50-59