Result of surgical treatment for pulmonary metastasis from hepatocellularcarcinoma

Nguyen Hoang Binh


Tóm tắt

Objective: Evaluating result of surgical treatment, prognosis factors to survival time in pulmonary metastasis (PM) from Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients at Cho Ray hospital.
Method: A retrospective review of surgical treatment of PM from HCC patients at Cho Ray hospital from 11/2015 – 5/2020.
Results: Total 24 PM from HCC patients were surgical treatment. The mean tumor size is 2.7  1.1cm (range 1- 6 cm). The mean FDI (free disease interval) is 23.37  21.23 (2 – 108) month. Most of patients were thoracoscopic wedge resection of pulmonary metastasis. There was no mortality and major complication, 2 patients with seroma. Folow up, 7 patients died. The mean survival time 25.7  4.7 tháng (1- 46 tháng). The rate of 1 year, 2 years, 3 years overall survival is 86.5 %, 46.2% and 30.8 respectively.
Conclusion:  Surgical resection is a safe and effective treatment in selected patients with pulmonary metastases from HCC.The patients with previous resection of HCC have survival time longer than those with transdermal ablation. The patients with serumAFP level > 100 ng after HCC resection need to be screening chest CT Scans for PM


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