Results of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery approach to mediastinal tumor at Viet Duc hospital

Lu Pham Huu, Uoc Nguyen Huu , Hung Doan Quoc

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Objective: The application of endoscopic surgical treatment of thoracic disease are beginning to flourish in Vietnam. The study aimed to evaluate the results of endoscopic thoracic surgical treatment of mediastinal tumors in Viet Duc Hospital. Methods: The retrospective study describes 50 patients mediastinal tumors were treated with endoscopic thoracic surgery from 12/2007 to 8/2012, of the parameters before, during and after surgery and the anatomy pathological results. Results: of  25  male  and  25  female.  Mean age 44.76 ± 16.52 (13-78). The main symptom is chest pain on admission (74%). Tumor size 5.893 ± 1.686 cm (2.7 to 11.0). Surgery time 100 ± 24.82 minutes (60-180).  There  is  a  case  conversed  to  classical surgery (2%). Number of hospital days 4.48 ± 1.5 days (3-12). No  mortality and major complications after surgery. Anatomy-pathological results: 49 cases of benign, 01 malignant cases of stage I (Masaoka). Conclusion: Treatment of mediastinal tumors by endoscopic thoracic surgery is a method of safe and feasible, bring good results after surgery. 

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