A case study of recurrent hemagiopericytoma of the left lung

Van Tan, Van Hung Dung, Nguyen Van Viet Thanh, Doan Hung Dung, Duong Thanh Hai


Tóm tắt

Hemangiopericytoma is a rare disease. We report the first case presented with such disease at our hospital. The patient was first diagnosed with is vascular tumour 10 years ago and was discharged without chemotherapy. The patient was recently hospitalised due to tumour recurrence. The patient was Mrs. Tran Thi Kim H, was born in 1970, married, had 4 children, and was a farmer. The patient lived at An thoi Đong, Can Gio district, and was admitted on 26/9/2019 due to a recurrent left lung tumour. The patient suffered from headache and vertigo in the past 2 years and she underwent surgical removal of a lung tumour 10 years ago at Binh Dan Hospital. Physical examination was normal. Laboratory results were within normal range, except a mild anaemia. We had planned to use thoracoscopy but after general anaesthesia, the left lung could not be deflated and therefore the surgery was postponed. A week after, we attempted to use thoracotomy. We observed a tumour that adhered to the thoracic wall and to the left lung. We dissected the adhesion and removed the tumour, haemostasis was achieved by suturing with a Vicryl 3.0 stitch. The surgical incision was closed and a chest drainage was placed. Post-operative follow-up was uneventful and the patient stayed in the hospital for 15 days. Pathological studies: Biopsy with MSCT guidance revealed a diagnosis of undifferentiated non-small cell lung cancer; surgical biopsy showed that this was a lymphocyte with big cell tumour. Finally, the diagnosis of lung hemangiopericytoma was confirmed by immunohistochemistry. Whether chemotherapy should be indicated for this patient is being considered. 


Tài liệu tham khảo

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