Robotic video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery using conventional thoracoscopic access

Vu Huu Vinh, Dang Dinh Minh Thanh, Nguyen Viet Dang Quang, Truong Cao Nguyen


Tóm tắt

Video assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) has been widely used and confirmed to be effective and less invasive compared with conventional open surgery. Robotic video-assisted thoracic surgery (R-VATS) is VATSusing a surgeon-controlled robotic system. R-VATS has been increasingly performed worldwide but not in Vietnam. Wehave started implementing r-VATS since July 2018, using conventional thoracoscopic accesses (trocars) and reported our initial results after 18 months of implementation with 116 cases. 57 cases of lobectomy, 9 cases of wedge resection,19 cases of thymectomy, 28 cases of mediastinal tumour resection, 1 case of esophagectomy, 1 case of oesophageal leiomyoma resection, and 1 case of diaphragm plication. 110 cases had good outcomes with no complications, 5 cases suffered from haemothorax that lasted for more than 5 days. Onepatient died after 35 days due to pneumonia. The operation time was comparable to that ofc- VATS. Average time to chest tube removal was 2 days. Time from surgery to discharge was comparable to that ofc-VATS.


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